Expert craftsmanship meets innovative technology.Expert craftsmanship meets innovative technology.

Expert craftsmanship meets innovative technology.


About Us

M2 Racewear is a leading provider of high-quality custom racewear. Our team of expert craftsmen uses innovative technology to create unique pieces for you. We're dedicated to creating custom racewear that is both aesthetically stunning and functional. Reach out and commission your own bespoke pieces today. M2 Racewear provides both it's own in house developed racewear as well as Marina Racewear's product portfolio.

Each item is carefully manufactured to create stylish and long-lasting apparel

Design & Pricing
Select a suit from our catalog & hit up the Customize button to use our design tool.
Pay for your order
We'll send you an invoice. We'll get to work creating your dream suit.
Once your order is processed our partners create your bespoke item in 6-8 weeks.
When you item is finished it will be shipped. We'll provide you a tracking number.

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Daily 9:00 AM — 6:00 PM